Troubleshooting / Restoration

With many years of experience in troubleshooting, you can count on us to resolve your fiber problem whether it’s in your central office or in the field. 

We are available for on call restoration services in Washington and Oregon.



At Precision Fiber, Inc. our objectives are:

•   Accuracy

•   Neatness

•   Speed

We have years of experience with the most difficult of splicing sequences and tight time constraints. With experience in many applications from outside plant vaults and manholes to large data centers, we can simplify your system and minimize loss.


Fusion Machines -

Alcoa Fujikura FSM 90S, 70S & 60S for single fiber, and FSM 70R for ribbon.

Sumitomo Quantum M101 and M102 for 200um and 250um single or ribbon splicing.

These machines are known for their reliability and accuracy. Combine that with our cleanliness and neatness, and the results are low loss fusion splices and organized splice trays.

Whether you would like fusion spliced pigtails or field-built connectors, we can provide quality, low loss terminations. If you’re considering an upgrade to 10 gig services, we can also help with 10 Gig certified LC connectors. 


AFL Noyes OFL280 and FLX380

EXFO FTB1-V2 and MaxTester

These units offer best in class dead zones and excellent dynamic range. All tests are thoroughly inspected to meet or exceed the requirements. We provide our customers with test results in either paper or electronic format with a PDF file summary report.